The information below was originally provided for certain high school students. It may also be helpful to others.

A great website for information about jobs is:

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook

For example, for some Engineers the growth expectation between now and 2024 is:

Materials Engineers 1% - 2016 Median Salary $93,310 - 2014 Jobs 25,300

Chemical Engineers 2% - 2016 Median Salary $98,340 - 2014 Jobs 34,300

Mechanical Engineers 5% - 2016 Median Salary $84,190 - 2014 Jobs 277,500

Industrial Engineers including Packaging Engineers 1% -
2016 Median Salary $84,310 - 2014 Jobs 241,100

For engineers not listed separately

When looking for a job, don't overlook company websites.
For example, as I write this Baxter International says they have 558 openings.

Many companies list job openings at their websites...but some companies exaggerate.

Don't forget

Don't ignore - You will have to signup.

Headhunters - If you establish a good reputation, don't be surprised if one or more headhunters come and offer you a job or at least an interview with some large company looking for someone with your qualifications. That's how I came to the Chicago area.

Hot Areas - Robotics, 3D Printing (previously called additive manufacturing), Drones, Automation.
I have always found there to be a big need for packaging engineers but I don't know if that's true anymore.

Professional Networking
- If you join ASME and/or other professional societies you are likely to hear of job opportunities as well as other kinds of opportunities there. I have served as Chairman of ASME Chicago and in other positions; President of the South Suburban Chapter, Illinois Society of Professional Engineers; and President of the Midwest Society of Professional Consultants. I also often attend meetings of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers. Often I have heard of job opportunties.

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